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It’s the Ecosystem, Stupid

I published a bit over at Read the full article here. It's a plea to look externally and figure out how your technology relates to all that's happening in the greater ecosystem. There are still way too many companies who suffer from NIH and end up saddled with way too much technical debt. Don't… Continue reading It’s the Ecosystem, Stupid

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Product Development in the Age of Cloud Native

In defense of the community distribution Ever since the mass adoption of Agile development techniques and devops philosophies that attempt to eradication organizational silos, there's been a welcome discussion on how to optimize development for continuous delivery on a massive scale. Some of the better known adages that have taken root as a result of… Continue reading Product Development in the Age of Cloud Native

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Supply Chain Case Study: Canonical and Ubuntu

I love talking about supply chain management in an open source software context, especially as it applies to managing collaborative processes between upstream projects and their downstream products. In the article linked above, I called out a couple of examples of supply chain management: an enterprise OpenStack distribution and a container management product utilizing Kubernetes… Continue reading Supply Chain Case Study: Canonical and Ubuntu

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An Open Letter to Docker About Moby

Congratulations, Docker. You've taken the advice of many and gone down the path of Fedora / RHEL. Welcome to the world of upstream/downstream product management, with community participation a core component of supply chain management. You've also unleashed a clever governance hack that cements your container technology as the property of Docker, rather than let… Continue reading An Open Letter to Docker About Moby

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Why Project Moby is a Brilliant Move by Docker

On Tuesday, Solomon Hykes, Docker's CTO and co-founder, unleashed the Moby Project on the world. I'll admit I didn't fully grasp its significance at first. This might have something to do with being on vacation in Cape Cod and not being at DockerCon, but I digress. It wasn't until I read this Twitter thread from… Continue reading Why Project Moby is a Brilliant Move by Docker

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Managing Your Supply Chain

Depending on open source software introduces some challenges for those looking to create products or services derived from upstream open source components. There's a lot to consider regarding risk management, engineering efficiency, and how to influence the nebulous upstream open source world - and why you should. Original content was published at Open Source… Continue reading Managing Your Supply Chain