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There is No Open Source Community

  In January, 2006, I published this article on O'Reilly's site, which was recently shut down. I've always been proud of this essay, because I think I got a lot right.¬† I'm republishing it now in the hopes that it will continue to educate others - and perhaps¬† allow others to critically evaluate where… Continue reading There is No Open Source Community

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Podcast: Shane Coughlan of Openchain Shane Coughlan is the founder and manager of the Openchain Project, which "builds trust in open source by making open source license compliance simpler and more consistent." As any software asset management person can tell you, they get cross-eyed when it comes to open source license compliance. My opinion has always been that this… Continue reading Podcast: Shane Coughlan of Openchain

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Is Open Source More Risky?

There's been a long-running debate over open source and security, and it goes something like this: Pro: Open source is awesome! Given enough eyes, all bugs are shallow. This is why open source software is inherently more secure. Con: Hackers can see the code! They'll look at the source code and find ways to exploit… Continue reading Is Open Source More Risky?

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Kite Demonstrates Continuing Toxicity of Silicon Valley

One of the most frustrating parts of being in open source circles is battling the conventional wisdom in the Valley that open source is just another way to do marketing. It's complicated by the fact that being a strong open source participant can greatly aid marketing efforts, so it's not as if marketing activities are… Continue reading Kite Demonstrates Continuing Toxicity of Silicon Valley

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Red Hat’s Secret Sauce

This is a guest post by Paul Cormier, President, Products and Technologies, Red Hat. It was originally posted on the Red Hat blog. Open source software is, in fact, eating the world. It is a de facto model for innovation, and technology as we know it would look vastly different without it. On a few… Continue reading Red Hat’s Secret Sauce