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There is No Open Source Community

  In January, 2006, I published this article on O'Reilly's site, which was recently shut down. I've always been proud of this essay, because I think I got a lot right.  I'm republishing it now in the hopes that it will continue to educate others - and perhaps  allow others to critically evaluate where… Continue reading There is No Open Source Community

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Open Source and SaaS

Now that I work in an engineering environment tailored for SaaS development, I've developed a better understanding of the challenges they face when open sourcing their code. I wrote it up for in a 2-part article, "How to decide whether to open source your SaaS solution." Some tidbits: The decision to open source code… Continue reading Open Source and SaaS


New eBook: Building a Business on Open Source

I'm pleased to announce the publication of my ebook from the Linux Foundation, Building a Business on Open Source, with an assist from Many thanks to Libby Clark, Rikki Endsley, Stephen Walli, and Amber Ankerholz who all helped me at various stages of content development. Swapnil Bhartiya wrote a nice summary review at It might sound… Continue reading New eBook: Building a Business on Open Source