TechRepublic: Open Source and Corporate Funding

I have more to say about this. See the original article on TechRepublic. Basic argument goes like this, "individual developers working in their mom's basement no longer drive open source development! Now it's all about the corporate $$$$." My initial thought is "duh". I've always felt that the narrative about a decentralized army creating amazing… Continue reading TechRepublic: Open Source and Corporate Funding

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Is Open Source More Risky?

There's been a long-running debate over open source and security, and it goes something like this: Pro: Open source is awesome! Given enough eyes, all bugs are shallow. This is why open source software is inherently more secure. Con: Hackers can see the code! They'll look at the source code and find ways to exploit… Continue reading Is Open Source More Risky?

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It’s the Ecosystem, Stupid

I published a bit over at Read the full article here. It's a plea to look externally and figure out how your technology relates to all that's happening in the greater ecosystem. There are still way too many companies who suffer from NIH and end up saddled with way too much technical debt. Don't… Continue reading It’s the Ecosystem, Stupid


Avoiding Unnecessary Risk – Rules for CEO’s

Found an interesting article at "The C Suite" on the topic "CEO’s ignorance of open source software use places their business at risk". While some of the article is a bit "FUDdy" - the author works for a company that sells risk management and mitigation, so there's a greatest hits of open source vulnerabilities -… Continue reading Avoiding Unnecessary Risk – Rules for CEO’s

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An Open Letter to Docker About Moby

Congratulations, Docker. You've taken the advice of many and gone down the path of Fedora / RHEL. Welcome to the world of upstream/downstream product management, with community participation a core component of supply chain management. You've also unleashed a clever governance hack that cements your container technology as the property of Docker, rather than let… Continue reading An Open Letter to Docker About Moby