Events, news 4 Quadrants of Open Source Entrepreneurship

In light of my Linux Foundation webinar, Building a Business on Open Source, (today, August 1, at 10am PDT/1pm EDT) as well as upcoming meetups and the OSEN Symposium co-located with Open Source Summit, I wrote a piece all about the 4 areas that define open source entrepreneurship: Automation, Collaboration, Community and Governance. Lots of companies,… Continue reading 4 Quadrants of Open Source Entrepreneurship


OSEN Symposium Program Revealed

We're happy to announce that we have set the preliminary agenda for the OSEN Symposium, co-located with the Linux Foundation's Open Source Summit in Los Angeles on September 14. Register now for the OSEN symposium in LA - Open Source Summit attendees can register through the Linux Foundation.  We have an incredible lineup! 9am: The Principles of Open Source Entrepreneurship… Continue reading OSEN Symposium Program Revealed