TechRepublic: Open Source and Corporate Funding

I have more to say about this. See the original article on TechRepublic.

Basic argument goes like this, “individual developers working in their mom’s basement no longer drive open source development! Now it’s all about the corporate $$$$.” My initial thought is “duh”. I’ve always felt that the narrative about a decentralized army creating amazing software that undermined large vendors was entirely wrong. So it’s not that open source is “increasingly” about corporate funding – it was *always* about corporate funding. And as I’ve mentioned elsewhere, open source is not free software. Free software, also known as software freedom, has been about the rights of individual developers and users against the IP cabal of the TIC (techno industrial complex). Open source was about, “yeah, that’s great – but how can I profit from that?”

So congrats to TechRepublic for being about 15 years behind. I guess?

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