Inaugural Bay Area Meetup – Aug 3

We’re coming to San Francisco! Thanks to Docker for agreeing to host us as we convene in their SOMA headquarters on August 3, 2017. Featured speakers are Stephen Wall, Jono Bacon and yours truly – more to come!


Join us for our inaugural Open Source Entrepreneur Network meetup in the Bay Area. This meetup will feature the following speakers:

Stephen Walli: former Microsoft and Outercurve open source executive, currently Docker’s open source strategist

Stephen will talk about “There is no Open Source Business Model”

John Mark Walker: long-time open source product, ecosystem and community expert and founder of the Open Source Entrepreneur Network

John Mark will present a talk on “How to Utilize a Community Distribution in a Cloud Native Context”

Jono Bacon: Founder of the Community Leadership Summit, author of The Art of Community, and now the founder of Jono Bacon Consulting

Jono will talk about “Building an Effective Community Strategy”

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