Bitnami Enters Kubernetes, Cloud Native Race

logo2x-d9b4e58308404c7e986f383f2191084eBitnami has officially entered the highly competitive race for cloud native platforms, acquiring Skippbox and joining the Cloud Native Computing Foundation. To those who have been observing Bitnami over the years, this move is not a surprise. Previously known as the world’s service for launching apps in AWS, it seems a natural move for Bitnami to add app management to its portfolio. From the press release:

The acquisition of Skippbox isn’t Bitnami’s only investment into the Kubernetes ecosystem. She noted her company has been investing significantly in the Helm project for Kubernetes and has two committers to the project. Helm is a tool for managing Kubernetes Charts, with Charts being packages of pre-configured Kubernetes resources.

That is what you call “burying the lede.” This is the continuation of a year-long effort to create products in the cloud native application management space. On the same day, Bitnami also announced it joined the CNCF. I think it’s safe to say that Bitnami sees a strong future in Kubernetes-based cloud native management services.

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