Linux Foundation Webinar: Open Source Entrepreneurship Howto


I’m happy to announce that on August 1, 10am PDT/1pm EDT, I will be leading a webinar from the Linux Foundation on open source entrepreneurship. “What is that?” you may ask. Open source entrepreneurship is the compendium of ideas around building your business process on open source principles. This means optimizing for open source collaboration, code and communities. Here are some qualities often exhibited by open source entrepreneurs:

  • Build on existing open source platforms
  • Abhor NIH and push teams away from it
  • Structure teams for massive collaboration
  • Allergic to corporate work silos
  • Have spent extensive time learning how to operate in open source communities
  • Tell anyone who will listen that product development is inefficient
  • Often heard saying, “There’s an upstream community/ecosystem already working on that. You should join that effort.”

As we learn more about the pervasiveness and ubiquity of open source code, we’re finding that “open source” means so much more than what license you use or the source code you utilize. Open source is now a term of art that includes the process of collaboration, process automation, and building on the work of external ecosystems. Every product manager, engineering manager, investor, CIO/CTO and, yes, entrepreneur needs to understand these concepts intuitively.

From this webinar, attendees will gain an understanding of what it means to practice the art of open source entrepreneurship and optimize their business for the continuing open source revolution.

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